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We recently spent an amazing week in New Orleans attending a wedding of some very dear friends.  Though I had never considered having New Orleans on my ‘travel list’ (I know! What was I thinking?!) I was surprised by how much I adored the city. Here is a round up of some of my favourite moments in The Big Easy.

neworleans-038neworleans-040A view of the French Quarter from our hotel rooftop.  We stayed at the Omni Hotel located in the French Quarter for our first and last night stay in New Orleans.  The hotel was gorgeous and the staff was fabulous which made our stay so luxurious and effortless.  The location was perfection, located right  in the heart of the French Quarter on St. Louis and Royal (my favourite street!).

One of my first impressions of NOLA was walking outside of our hotel the first morning and turning the corning on Royal and being surrounded and overcome by the most beautiful music that I’ve ever heard.  Sitting on the street was a couple playing violins with a wee little baby wearing ear phones on their back, it was one of my favourite moments of the trip.

msyroy-omni-royal-orleans-lobby-entranceslack_for_ios_upload (3)JZ 0123The rest of the nights were spent in an Airbnb, a shotgun-style house with six amazing lovely people of the wedding party.  The shotgun house was popular in New Orleans from the end of the American Civil War through the end of the 1920’s and were designed to maximize space as well as circulate stale air due to the extreme humidity. The houses have rooms one behind the other, so in order to reach the bathroom, kitchen, or living room you must walk through a bedroom.  We all got super close throughout the week living in this unique ‘no room for shyness’ house.

Our Airbnb was located in the Faubourg Marigny, a neighbourhood within distance to the French Quarter. We loved our walks to and from the Quarter through the Marigny’s eclectic streets full of bright colourful houses and amazing coffee shops, bars and restaurants scattered throughout the residential neighbourhood.

JZ 0003JZ 0028JZ 0021slack_for_ios_uploadJZ 0139

We went on a cruiser bike tour of New Orleans on one of our first days with Confederacy of Cruisers Bicycle Tours (highly recommend!).  It was a great way to see different areas of the city and our tour guide was very funny and very knowledgeable.  We cruised to the Bywater, 9th Quarter, the Saint Roch cemetery, and through the Marigny.

neworleans travel diaryJZ 0006

One of my all time favourite things about New Orleans was the music in the streets.  The street performers were unbelievably talkented, as soon as you would walk away from one musical wonder your ears would fill with another performer and the sounds would mix together in the most beautiful unintended melody.

neworleans-061slack_for_ios_upload (6)slack_for_ios_upload (5)

Taking your drinks to the street was a great pass time (and lazing in the park with food and drink too!) Bloody Mary’s and Pimm’s Cups were on repeat for me.

JZ 0106 slack_for_ios_upload (9)

Wandering through the city was amazing, everywhere you looked was stunning especially the Garden District.

JZ 0124 slack_for_ios_upload (7) neworleans-035

I pretty much snap chatted EVERYTHING so be sure to follow me on SNAP at @alanadenham

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photos 5,6,7,8,10,12,16,18 and 21 taken by Dennis Pike Photography 

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