No Clothes in NOLA

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Our flight to New Orleans from Kelowna was a bit of a milk run, Kelowna to Calgary to Houston and finally to New Orleans.  We were pretty excited when after layovers, bad airport meals, and many flights later we touched down in The Big Easy.  Rhys had made reservations at a charming restaurant for a romantic date night the evening we got in and we were so excited to explore the city and eat good food, two of our favorite things! Our plans were quickly diverted when our luggage didn’t come down the conveyer belt and we had to track them down for hours.  Coming from Canada our aiport outfits were casual and warm (Nola is hot and humid!) so we opted for a more casual dinning experience of beer and oysters at the Royal House.  We never ended up getting our bags until late the next night so we made a H&M run for clothing for the next day which was more comfortable for the weather.  I was pretty proud of the outfit I picked out in H&M considering Rhys only gave me about 5 minutes to pick it out (breakfast at Croissant D’or was waiting!).slack_for_ios_upload (2) slack_for_ios_upload (1)


I now understand why they tell you to dress up on airplanes, in case your luggage goes missing you won’t have to be stuck with lululemons and a sweatshirt with stains on it.  I was happy however, that sneakers are on trend and could go with my skirt and blouse.  Now if only I could find the perfect dressed up outfit that is comfortable enough to nap in and fancy enough for five star restaurants.  The search continues.

Marsala Felt Hat: Brixton via Blonde
Tank top and skirt: H&M
Sneakers: Nike
Sunglasses:  Retro Superfutures



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