Star Print Romper and Foral Bomber

star print winners romper, forever 21 floral bomber, white adidas sneakers, houndstooth purse, I love Denham

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Every season when winter starts melting and temperature starts rising I’m scrabbling for spring essentials.  You would think that I would have learned already that my warmer weather wardrobe should be crafted, thought out and executed months before I think it’s acceptable.  But it never fairs every March/April I’m caught with a ‘what the heck am I going to wear’ conundrum and kicking myself that I didn’t start planning my spring looks back in February like those crazy magazines warned me too.  None the less, it can be fairly easy to throw together a warmer weather look with a fresh pair of kicks, floral prints, and some fresh white sneakers.

Outfit Details:

Floral print bomber: Forever 21
Star print romper: Winners
white sneakers: Adidas via Winners
Houndstooth cross body bag: Winners